Quotes about cats (and other living things)

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There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.
                           - Albert Schweitzer, MD

Ladybugs are possibly the only non-controversial subject left the the world. You can start a ladybug conversation with a total stranger without getting hit in the mouth"
                            - Dwell, page 126, April 2006

Dogs have masters, Cats have staff
                           - Unknown

A Dog thinks "They feed me, love me and take care of me... They must be gods!"
A Cat thinks "They feed me, love me and take care of me... I must be a god!"
                           - Unknown

When you have 1 cat, you are merely a "cat owner"
When you have 2 cats, others will label you an "animal lover"
However, when you reach 3 or more cats, you somehow have crossed a line and become "one of those crazy cat people," often said behind your back with a knowing smile and a roll of the eyes.
                           - Siesta Annex


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